• Contribute to our database

    Contribute to our database

    We encourage indigenous organizations and communities to upload their data to the portal and use it for advocacy in the future.


Privacy Issues

The data you choose to upload will contribute to a pool of data of direct relevance for the the implementation of indigenous peoples’ rights. The data allows indigenous peoples to compare their situation with that of other indigenous communities across the world.

Uploading data to the Indigenous Navigator Data Portal requires community consent.

When you respond to and submit the online questionnaires, your data will automatically be included into the Indigenous Navigator bank of data.

The questionnaire however gives you the opportunity to upload data without making them public. Nevertheless, the data will contribute to showing global trends. One of the first questions in the questionnaires will ask you whether or not you will allow us to publish your data online. Only if you answer yes will your data be publicly available.

If you don’t want to share your data in any form, you can choose to print and fill out the questionnaires and keep the result to yourself. Apart from gathering global data, the Indigenous Navigator is intended as an internal tool for indigenous communities and organisations to monitor their rights. The objective being that surveys and data are used by indigenous communities and organisations to monitor and document their situation, and used for planning and advocacy in the ways they see themselves see fit.

If you intend to carry out a survey in your community, we recommend that the specific purpose that the data will serve for the community is discussed and agreed with the whole community from the outset.

In order to avoid misrepresentation of communities, there should always be an identified respondent to the questionnaire. This could be a person or an organization authorized by the community to upload the data. The user can choose to publicly disclose their identity online or not. If the respondent will prefer not to disclose, his/her identity will remain anonymous.

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The Indigenous Navigator provides a set of tools for indigenous peoples to systematically monitor the level of recognition and implementation of their rights.