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Kenya: Water Pan Pilot Projects in Enkutoto and Maji Moto

Realizing "No one left behind" and reaching the furthest behind:

The Indigenous Navigator in Narok County, Kenya. Access to water and health services are among the key issues of indigenous peoples here in this area. Their only source of water is rainwater and during dry season the women have to walk for 10 kilometer to fetch water. One of the Indigenous Navigator's pilot projects in Enkutoto is the excavation of a water pan near the community including training them how to filter water for household use. In Maji Moto, they identified the removal of silt from their water pans and the construction of a maternity ward as their key priorities. The indigenous peoples in this area appreciate the process that they've undergone, from gathering their own data to analyzing their data in order to identify the needs and priorities of the community in a systematic manner. They have ownership and self-determination in their priorities and their projects.


The communities current water source, 10km away:


Training and community sensitisation on water purification and filtration by the District Health Officer:

Photos from the excavation of the water pan:



A water pan which has had it's silt removed under the Indigenous Navigator pilot project:

This project in Enkutoto and Maji Moto is being implemented by Tebtebba Indigenous in partnership with ILEPA. This initiative is with financial support from the European Commission - Development & Cooperation - EuropeAid.

Supported by the European Union


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