Indigenous Survey

How to answer the questionnaires?

First, choose your preferred language in the menu above. Then choose your questionnaire: Long or short versions for national or community level.  

With this survey tool you can report on the same questionnaire multiple times and also save a draft version. This way you can continue working on it later.

How to customize your Survey?

The Indigenous Navigator allows privileged users to create their own surveys by choosing questions from predefined question pools, one for national level and one for community level implementation of indigenous peoples' rights. This option will allow you to fit your questionnaire to the needs of the community you are surveying.  

If you are already a registered surveyor: Log in and then choose the «Design Surveys» option in the top menu. If not, you need to register first. Then contact IWGIA to become a «surveyor».

Contact IWGIA to get the privilege to design your own survey and guidance on how to do it:

Mobile and offline tools

App for iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.) will soon be available on AppleStore.

App for Android (smartphones, tablets, etc.) is available on GooglePlay.

Indigenous Navigator for Android

Application for Windows is ready for download right here: