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Implementing the Indigenous Navigator: Experiences Around the Globe

  • Author: David Nathaniel Berger & Ena Alvarado Madsen
  • Number of pages: 34
  • ISBN number: 978-87-93961-06-7
  • Publication language: English English
  • Region publication is about: Latin America, Africa, Asia
  • Financially supported by: European Union
  • Release year: 2020
  • Release month/day: September

This report is the result of a process of review and feedback conducted between June and August 2020. The feedback was gathered through consultation, surveys and interviews with Indigenous Navigator Consortium members and coordinators at the national partner organisations who have been involved with implementation of the Indigenous Navigator project. Some partners have been implementing the Indigenous Navigator’s initial pilot in 2014, while others have joined in 2017. We thank all those who are involved in the Indigenous Navigator Initiative, who have been instrumental in driving this forward. This report seeks to highlight the essence of the Indigenous Navigator, giving a clear and strong voice to the partners’ experiences in implementing and working with the Indigenous Navigator framework in close collaboration and partnership with the Indigenous communities. We pursued a country by country format to allow for greater depth in the experiences presented.

With this report we highlight the experiences conveyed directly by partner organisations themselves being those ‘working on the front line’, and let the commonalities emerge from the experiences shared with them.


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Implementing the Indigenous Navigator

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The Indigenous Navigator provides a set of tools for indigenous peoples to systematically monitor the level of recognition and implementation of their rights.