The Re-Emergence of Ayni through the Construction of Storehouses for Animal Feed

By Damián Andrada | ORE-IWGIA researcher, master’s in political science and sociology

Thanks to the Indigenous Navigator project and the Centre for Legal Studies and Social Research (CEJIS), the native peoples of the Jach'a Marka Tapacarí Cóndor Apacheta Indigenous Territory received funding from the European Commission and have built 55 storehouses for their cattle fodder. This means they will now have both the quality and quantity of supplies needed to feed their animals and produce milk and cheese. The project also includes the recovery of the Quechua language and training in indigenous and collective rights.

ILEPA: Data dissemination in Kenya

Indigenous Navigator data dissemination and outreach in Kenya

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Launch of the Indigenous Navigator Tools Database

New tool database and website makes it easy to explore the interconnected elements of the Indigenous Navigator framework through the dimensions and key attributes of indigenous peoples’ rights.

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ILEPA: Pilot Project Implementation at Enkutoto, Narok, Kenya

Launching The Small Grant Pilot Project At Enkutoto Group Ranch, Narok, Kenya.

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